Copy of Illinois State Constitution

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Easy-to-read copy of the Illinois State Constitution!


Copy of Illinois State Constitution

The Illinois Constitution is the basic governing document of the state of Illinois.  There have been four Illinois Constitutions. The current version was adopted in 1970. 

This 16-page student edition is in booklet form and contains the entire Illinois Constitution as written (in an easy-to-read format).  Includes Illinois state symbols, review questions, Illinois legislative map, a review of the Illinois Bicentennial (1818-2018) and student activities to make for an interesting read.

Price $0.95 each, any quantity.  Orders of 20 or more student copies of Our Federal and State Constitutions include free teacher materials that contain a copy of this Illinois Constitution. 

You may reference the ISBN (978-0-931298-09-7) or description when ordering.

Also available is the complete text of the United States Constitution, along with detailed explanation and interesting facts ($0.95 each).

Providing your students with the exact wording of the Illinois Constitution is a great way to expand your course study!

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