Our Constitution, Your Citizenship worktext

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Our Constitution, Your Citizenship worktext

Our Constitution, Your Citizenship - A Student's Guide to United States Citizenship is a concise 64-page worktext to aid in studying the United States citizenship curriculum and testing. The materials are written and designed for various levels and abilities, from middle school to high school to adult education. This worktext is easily incorporated with other civics education and online tools. The new 2023 expanded edition emphasizes the U.S. Constitution and includes updated government officials, new student exercises, and a vocabulary section.

A sampling of the units covered include:

  • A citizen's rights and responsibilities
  • "What makes a good citizen?"
  • Events that shaped our great nation
  • The three branches of government
  • Summary of the U.S. Constitution
  • Elections and voting
  • American symbols and celebration
  • Wars and the Presidency

Review the table of contents (image shown), LOOK inside, and see the complete range of topics covered by this worktext.  In addition, each section has review questions and exercises to reinforce the concepts in each unit.  Request a FREE SAMPLE and we will rush you a copy.

Give your students more than basic knowledge of American citizenship, give them the insight into the details that shaped our great nation!  Our materials are easy-to-read and easy-to-understand, giving students the solid foundation for more in-depth exploration of citizenship and government.

This worktext fully supports the Citizenship testing in all 50 states including recent civics programs in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, KentuckyLouisiana, MichiganMinnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New HampshireNorth Dakota, OklahomaSouth Carolina, South Dakota, TennesseeTexas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Many of the other states are currently evaluating their citizenship curriculum. 

Reasonable pricing at $5.95 each for orders of 20 or more student worktext copies, and include FREE teacher materials (answer key, testing program with 25, 50, 100-questions, along with USCIS 100-question test, a copy of U.S. Constitution, "Extra Effort" critical thinking exercises, and much more). Less than 20 student copies are $7.50 each (teacher materials are $7.50 each).

You may reference the ISBN# (978-0-931298-06-6) or description when ordering Our Constitution, Your Citizenship worktext.

Digital Edition (eBook) is also available. This worktext is also available in a digital eBook format available for immediate download. Please click on the following link for details. Our Constitution, Your Citizenship eBook edition >> For classrooms in a one-to-one environment, we offer discounted pricing, or special pricing for coupling the digital edition with our printed worktext. Our partner EdTech will aid in the setup, support, and management of the digital content. The teacher can add their content to enrich the learning experience, such as quizzes, images, YouTube videos, audio files, worksheets, and more. Please contact our offices with questions or to setup a demo.

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