Poster - Periodic Table of Presidents

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A unique look at our U.S. Presidents!


Poster - Periodic Table of Presidents

The Periodic Table of the Presidents is a one-stop-shop for presidential and U.S. history – from George Washington to Joe Biden. This 24" x 36", bold, full color poster is printed on coated card stock. Presidents are ordered by their presidential numbers, grouped by historical periods, and color-coded by political party. Included in each cell are the president’s name, number, unique name abbreviation, number of times elected as president, and years in office.

Furthermore, the PTOTP shows which presidents have left office prematurely – by assassination, by death, or by resignation. The presidents who succeeded to the presidency are indicated by a “VP” insignia, and the presidents who have been impeached have an icon in their cells as well.

Price:  Only $14.00 each plus shipping.

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