Spanish Teacher Guide and Materials

Price: $8.75

Free with any order of 20 or more worktexts (any mix)!


Spanish Teacher Guide and Materials

Spanish Teacher Materials are Free with orders of 20 worktext copies (any combination) or $8.75 each with orders of less than 20 worktext copies. 

Teachers materials include an answer key, testing program for both the federal and state units, an updated government officers sheet listing your state and federal officials, and handouts on current topics in the news. New for 2022, a complete copy of the U.S. Constitution in Spanish is included in the updated teacher edition.

You may reference the book description or ISBN (978-0-931298-17-2) when ordering the Spanish teacher guide.

AJS Publications restricts the right to sell teacher materials to school addresses only, not personal residences or post offices. In addition, we will not process orders that request teacher materials only (with no accompanying student worktext copies). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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