The Illinois Constitution - A Pocket Guide for All Citizens

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Low cost, 4" x 6" full color, pocket guide for all citizens!


The Illinois Constitution - A Pocket Guide for All Citizens


This a perfect introduction to our most important state document. The Illinois Constitution A Pocket Guide for All Citizens is a low-cost, straightforward guide giving the original text and overview of the framework of state government. The guide is 4" x 6" and allows easy storage in your pocket, briefcase, or backpack. This full-color book includes an overview and exact wording of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 (Illinois currently operates under) and an easy-to-find index of specific topics. In addition, it contains a vocabulary of constitutional terms and a listing of Illinois state symbols.

The Illinois Constitution has several vital functions. 

1. Guarantees the rights and liberties of the citizens of Illinois. Each of the 50 state constitutions and the United States Constitution includes a bill of rights or declaration of rights. 

2. Establishes the framework or structure of government. It follows the classic pattern of separation of powers between the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. 

3. State government addresses all areas not explicitly delegated to the federal government, making a state constitution more detailed than the United States Constitution. Accordingly, the Illinois Constitution, like most state constitutions, sets forth fundamental policy on various additional subjects, such as finance, revenue, and education.

Please review the table of contents, and you will see that this 64-page pocket (or phone-sized) guide is packed with valuable information for all citizens.

You may reference the ISBN (978-0-931298-57-8) or description when ordering the Illinois Constitution pocket guide.

Do you need a custom Illinois Constitution pocket guide for your organization?

Our current edition of "The Illinois Constitution - A Pocket Guide for All Citizens" is the basis for your customized and personalized version. This is perfect for promoting your organization, educating concerned citizens, and providing a gift or keepsake at important events. Customization is made easy and affordable. Straight-forward pricing no additional or hidden fees. You may customize or personalize the front cover, back cover, and introduction/foreword. Minimum of 2,000 copies for a custom edition, additional price breaks at 5,000 and 10,000 copies. Please click on the attached file for more details and pricing: Illinois Constitution Pocket Guide Custom Pricing & Information

A 64-page, low-cost pocket (or phone) sized guide that contains the full Illinois Constitution with all amendments. This four-color, 4 x 6 guide is formatted to show the exact wording of the U.S. Constitution and the corresponding simple analysis.

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