Handouts & Exercises (Supporting remote and independent learning)

Students across the country are having their education disrupted by the spread of Coronavirus. Schools have never faced this level of disruption, but we can continue education even when schools close or switch to remote learning. Students, teachers, and families are fully supported by AJS Publications, helping everyone have a positive learning experience, whether online or in school. In this uncertain environment, it is crucial that learning continues, even if it not face-to-face. We have added more student exercises available for immediate download, including our full set of crossword puzzles that match up to each Constitution unit. In addition we are offering our current customers FREE access to our digital edition of "Our Federal and State Constitutions." Please contact our offices for more information and setup.

Below are more activities for immediate download:

2020 Census Results and the Political Impact

Passing Legislation in the 117th Congress - Exercise

Census and Political Power - Student Exercise

Freedom and Government - Classroom Discussion

The Events of January 6th

The U.S. Capitol and The American People

2020 Election in Review - Student Exercise

2020 Election Update - President-Elect Joe Biden

New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Crossworks - Set of Crossword Puzzles referenced to Our Federal and State Constitutions

2020 Presidential Election and the Impact of Pandemic - Student Discussion

The Census and the Constitution - Student Exercise

8 Ways to become Politically Active

Rising Above the Political Divide - Classroom Discussion

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - California

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - Illinois

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - Michigan

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - Missouri

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - New York

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - Ohio

The Road to the 2020 Presidential Election - Indiana

Exploring the Impeachment Process - A Student's Guide

Current and Controversial Issues - Classroom Discussion

100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Interesting Facts about the Bill of Rights - discussion and exercise

Illinois Bicentennial Student Discussion and Exercise

20 Questions Students Ask Most on Constitution Day

Student Copy of Illinois Constitution with additional content

State of the Union Address - student handout & exercise

What can we learn from Japanese Civics?

The Scene of the Signing of the U.S. Constitution - Student Activity

Elections Word Search Puzzle

Constitution Vocabulary Word Find Puzzle

You may find handouts related to our materials. These are handouts that may be used for extra credit or to reinforce the concepts of our worktext. Please check back as new handouts will be added periodically.